Membership of the Belfast SAC

What do you get for full diving membership?

The Belfast Sub-Aqua Club is officially branch No. 30 of the British Sub-Aqua Club.

It operates independently there from having its own constitution, rules etc., and is managed by an annually elected branch committee.

The annual membership fees include membership of both the Belfast Sub Aqua Club and the British Sub Aqua Club. Fees are reviewed on an annual basis and payable by the common renewal date of 1st of May each year.

The Belfast Club operates from a modern (2008) purpose designed Club-House at 421 North Queen Street, Belfast, with a modern lecture theatre, several meeting rooms, boat house, equipment storage facility and kitchen etc..

Full diving members receive the monthly full colour BSAC magazine "Scuba" and are covered by BSAC’s 3rd party insurance liability for pool and open water diving activities.

From October to May each year, members have access to the pool sessions at the Grove Wellbeing Centre, on Monday nights from 9pm to 10pm.

The club has two RIB’s available for sea going expeditions, both with associated on board electronics and ancillary equipment for diving operations.

The Club maintains a Bauer compressor and can supply members with breathing air or in line Nitrox blending to 300 bar.

The club supports and assists divers using re-breather Scuba apparatus. Oxygen supply is available.

BSAC advanced training courses and on-going skill development courses are arranged for members on a regular basis. Members of other local BSAC branches are encouraged to attend these courses organised under the auspices of the Belfast Club. A nominal attendance fee will be levied by the Belfast Club.

Members are encouraged to participate in the club’s local and overseas diving expeditions, diver training and skill development programme.

Members and friends are welcome to attend the various social events organised by the club throughout the year.




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