Qualified Divers Seeking a New Club

The Belfast Club offers a warm welcome to all qualified Divers. Indeed, qualified divers from all organisations are welcome to join us on one of our regular expeditions. Please liaise with our diving officer and or dive manager for the specific expedition.

The Club gives members the opportunity to enhance their diving skills and qualifications.

The club has sufficient instructor resources to run most BSAC skill development courses in house.

Weather permitting; the Belfast Club arranges diving expeditions all year-round.

For example, , scenic and wreck diving around the coast of Northern Ireland, shore and sea going expeditions in County Donegal, sea going expeditions to the sound of Mull (hard boat diving), overseas live aboard expeditions to Egypt, Malta, Norway etc.

The Club can supply members with breathing air or Nitrox mixed gases to 300 bar.

The club supports and assists divers using closed circuit re-breather apparatus.

Several members are already accomplished re-breather divers and have encouraged and indeed support other members wishing to join them.

The experience and in depth expertise of the Belfast Club’s training team is demonstrated by the club’s Lead Instructor, Sean Farquharson, being elected to BSAC REGIONAL COACH IRELAND.

This is a great honour for the Belfast Branch of the British Sub Aqua Club and demonstrates its in house expertise.

Members of other local BSAC branches are encouraged to attend training courses organised under the auspices of the Belfast Club. A nominal attendance fee will be levied by the Belfast Club.

If you have a diving qualification from another training organisation, you may dive as a guest of a member of the branch, albeit, within the health and safety limitations of your current diving qualifications. Please liaise with the club’s diving officer or expedition manager well ahead of the proposed expedition date.



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